Genus is Back – Free Head Still Available!

As you may know, Genus heads have not been available for purchase on and off for a few months now. They’re officially back now with a 40% off discount, a free gift, and lots of excited customers bursting through the doors.

What Happened

Genus was the target of a DMCA complaint made earlier this year. Yesterday the owner of Genus announced an end to the situation and that the store would be back up today. I can confirm that the store is up and running in world, though the Marketplace (understandably) appears to still be empty at the time of this post.

The Group

Their group (which is free to join) has the free head and demo versions of all their heads conveniently in the group notices. If the group link in the last sentence doesn’t open your viewer automatically, just copy and paste the URL into your viewer’s URL box. The group will pop right up. I mention this before anything else because if you can avoid going to the store today, I highly recommend it. It’s been super busy so not only is it hard to get into, the average user will find it pretty laggy. The group is 100% the way to go if you want to chat about Genus, get the free gift, or try on demos.

Visiting the Store

Of course if you want to purchase a head the only way to do so right now is vising the store. First and foremost, expect it to take a few (or many) tries to get in. Even if you have a Premium subscription it’ll still take multiple tries while it’s busy. Keep it mind it will also be laggy! The sim will most likely be full for a while since it just came back up. This means things will be slow. When you do get in, make your purchase, wait for the delivery, and then leave. I’ll repeat, wait for the delivery! It’s laggy so it may take a while. Once you’ve received it check to make sure it’s in your inventory, then leave the store. There is no need to wait around after your products have been delivered. Unbox and use your new purchase in another location. It’ll let others get in and be speedier for you too. 

Here are the official requests from the Genus customer service reps, taken from their group chat and slightly edited for readability in this post. 
“Please move off the loading zone. Cover your bits. Go low complex/low script. Leave pets, wings, particles at home and just click once. It will be lag city, you don’t want to have a double purchase. Read the vendor carefully before clicking buy. PLEASE BEWARE OF SCAMMERS. Genus Project Product will only come from Official Store Vendors. Do Not Accept or Pass Shapes. TY for your Support and Patience!”

The Free Head

Snagging the free head will give you the fully functional Strong Face GIFT001. I do want to mention again that the recommended (best) way to get the free head is the group notices. It is a fully functioning head that is BOM compatible. It comes with an applier HUD for basic face skins from The Skinnery in tones Honey, Toffee, and Brownie. Matching body skins are a separate purchase. It also has a standard HUD, animation HUD, gestures, alphas, notecards, and a landmark. This is a great head for the L$0 pricetag, especially since full priced genus heads are L$5,500 (L$3,300 during 40% off sale). 


Head – Genus: Strong Gift001
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Skin – Session: Liv in Tone 00b
Hair – Magika: Lyric
Collar – Avec Toi: Reckless Choker (free gift at Uber)
Shirt – Miss Chelsea: Brin Tee 2020 (free gift at Uber
Pants – Vanilla Bae: Nora Jeans #14
Pose – Foxcity: Indecent 2m
Background – Foxcity: VIP You Are Enough
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