Found In Real Life: ft. Phedora, Addams, Caboodle, and KC Couture

Have you ever found a product in Second Life and really wanted to find something similar to wear off the grid? That’s what the Found In Real Life series is all about! While we know we likely won’t find exact versions of products this series will focus on looks that are pretty close. Keep reading to find not only the Second Life credits but also links to the featured off grid products on Amazon.

Today we’ve found comparable off grid products for this entire outfit! Featuring in world items from Phedora, AddamsCaboodle, and KC Couture.
Fun Note: I threw this whole outfit together and didn’t realize until writing up the post that every item is a freebie or a group gift. What a pleasant surprise! Clicking on the group links may open a blank tab in your browser, however if your viewer is open it’ll open the group in your viewer instead.


Phedora has this super cute Heart Collar as a free public gift at their in world store. You do not need to be a group member to get this choker, however group membership gives you a ton of other goodies like shoes and store discounts. The collar comes with a HUD that allows you to change the metals and the band.

The off grid version, made by Hip Mall, doesn’t have the chains attached, though if you’re crafty you could probably add them on your own. I’ve included a side shot of the Phedora version so you can use it for reference if you decide to duplicate the chains. If you do I would LOVE to see it completed!

Addams Dixie T-Shirt is a group gift found at their in world store. Group membership gives you access to lots of other group gifts too. The top ends at the waist making it great choice to show off the tummy. In this example we’ve used a high waisted skirt which also works if you don’t want to show more skin.

The off grid version, made by YourStyle, comes in various colors and sleeve lengths.

Caboodle‘s Pencil Skirt is also a group gift found at their in world store. Membership gives you tons of gifts and access to lucky boards. The group gift comes in White, Black, and Red however other colors are available on the lucky boards.

The off grid version by Zero City is available in 8 different colors so you can match it to any of your outfits.

KC Couture has these Maia Pumps as a group gift at their in world store. Becoming a group member gives you a ton of free goodies and discounts in store. The pumps come with a color changing HUD so you can match the shoes to any outfit.

The version found off grid is by Nine West and also comes in various colors.

Get The Look

Some of the previews below don’t show the exact versions listed above. You’ll find the crop top’s longer sleeved version once you get to the product page.
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Head – Catwa: Lona
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Shape – Regeneration: Amanda
Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins: Olivia in Pineapple
Hair – TRUTH: Lottie in Reds
Choker – Phedora: Heart Collar
Top – Addams: Dixie T-Shirt
Skirt – Caboodle: Pencil Skirt
Shoes – KC Couture: Maia Pumps
Pose – Vista: VAMIRST40 (Miriam Bento AO)


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