Fashion Dazzle April 2017 – Designing Trends For Spring

It’s April and that means for many of us Spring is almost here! Fashion Dazzle is celebrating with a Spring theme for this month.  Read on to see where the event is being held, how long it’s running, and which designers are participating.

Fashion Dazzle – Designing Trends For Spring

Browsing the event feels like walking through an indoor forest, it’s really pretty. Make sure to drop by, there are tons of exclusives and wonderful sales including shoes, furniture, jewelry, and more! Fashion Dazzle is running from April 1 – 26. Keep an eye out for posts showing off items for sale at Fashion Dazzle all month.

The designers below can be found at Fashion Dazzle this month.

  1. ROA
  2. Sn@tch
  3. alaskametro
  4. Secrets
  5. [Well Made] 
  6. Petit chat
  7. EccentriciXi
  8. Glitter | Glitter Poses
  9. Baby Monkey Shoes
  10. Dulce Secrets
  11. TRS Designs
  12. Versailles
  13. FurtaCor
  14. Posh
  15. Graffitiwear
  16. Prism
  17. Lurve
  18. Shoeddiction
  19. 1 Hundred.
  20. Sweet E’s Designs
  21. Cremosas
  22. Gidget’s Style
  23. ::D!Vine Style::
  24. Serendipity
  25. M&M Designs
  26. Moonstar Designs
  27. TripArt
  28. satus inc
  29. Glint
  30. Emily C
  31. Emerald Couture
  32. Marquesse
  33. BHB
  34. Ishara Shop
  35. FlowerDreams Creations


If Fashion Dazzle’s sales are your type of thing make sure to join *DOVE DAZZLE FASHION*, the official group for their events.

An image of all the designers for Fashion Dazzle.

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