Fantasy Avatar: Disturbingly Beautiful (Moth Woman)

I created today’s avatar in celebration of the Fantasy Faire. Second Life has hundreds, if not thousands, of events but a few things make the Fantasy Faire stand out. First, it’s massive. You’ll find more than 200 designers spanning over a dozen themed sims. Don’t be intimidated though, there’s a handy shopping guide to help you out. Second, it’s extremely in depth. This isn’t just a sale, this is a full fledged Faire. There are live events going on throughout the entire duration of the Faire.  Third, and most importantly, the Faire is participating in Relay For Life. As of this post, Second Life has raised over L$4,000,000 (nearly $16,000 USD) for the American Cancer Society.

This is a very important cause for me as my mom beat cancer last year.

7 Deadly s{K}ins

The base for this disturbing yet beautiful moth woman is the skin Opal from 7 Deadly s{K}ins. Opal is a paper white skin, however there are variations for purchase. Each eyebrow color comes in an Omega applier pack with three skin variants including both the face and body. You can choose from pink, blue, white (seen here), grey, or no eyebrows for $L499 each. The fatpack includes all 5 colors as well as black eyebrows for L$1,996.

The Opal shape is also on sale for $L299. The shape is designed for Catwa’s Catya head and Maitreya’s Lara body. The main images in this post don’t use the Opal shape, however you can see it on the promo image below.


Another huge perk of such a pale skin is the tint factor. If you use body parts that have tint options for the skin layer you can tint this white to any available color. It’s wonderful for fantasy avatars of all hues!

Opal is available at the San Mora Fantasy Faire sim.



Aii The Ugly & Beautiful

One of my favorite stores for fantasy products is Aii. You’ll find many fun products there including skins, props, companions, clothing, and fantasy accessories.

The golden moth body parts come from Aii’s Lunar Moth Gacha. They come in two different colors; Gold (seen here) and Pale Blue. I lucked out and got this set first try! They’re totally freaky but I really love them.

The little blue moths on my body are from the same machine, but they’re a common. They also come in a Gold version.

The Gacha isn’t only moth parts and little moth pets, though! You’ll also find eyes, antennae, and accessories for the temples and forehead to match. You can try your luck for $L75 a pull at the Aii store.











EVolved creatures

The body modification store I’ve kept the closest eye on is EVolved creatures. They have an array of products to change your base avatar including fae wings, scorpion tails, and mermaid fins. My moth avatar is wearing their bento product BAt wings. If they look a bit familiar that’s because you’ve seen them before on The Demoness.

You’ll notice they look quite a bit different here than on her. The BAt wings are extremely versatile. The skin, tattoo, claws, front membrane, and back membrane are all customized individually via HUD. You can toggle them on and off, adjust the glow, adjust the color (even with RGB input to ensure the perfect match!) and all just from the HUD! If that’s not enough customization the wings actually come with full mod versions so you can make them entirely unique. Both the full mod and regular wings are included in 4 sizes. They can be purchased at the store for L$1,000 or L$900 if you join the store’s group first. Note: The wings will be called BAt wings in your inventory, however they are currently sold as DEmon wings at the store. They are the same product!

Full Pics & Credits

Click any image for a full view. I really love how this avatar turned out, so click away!
Note: Uncensored versions can be found on Flickr starting here and navigating with the right arrow.


Pose – FOXCITY: Hypnose (Made for bento hands. These hands are not bento)
Earrings – Doe: Heartbeat Earrings
Septum Piercing – Swallow: Nasal Tips Silver Piercing
Tattoo – Fallen Gods: Heart of Pi Tattoo Gold
Pose – GingerFish Poses: Slow Burn 2 Petite

Head – Catwa: Lona
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Shape – Regeneration: Trisha
Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins: Opal

Hair – TRUTH: Zoya
Eyes – Catwa: Mesh Eyes
Septum Piercing – Swallow: Nasal Tips Silver Piercing
Moth Limbs – Aii: Lunar Moth Limbs Gold
Wings – EVolved creatures: BAt wings
Tattoo – Fallen Gods: Heart of Pi Tattoo
Pasties – Mad’: Free Pasties
Blue Butterflies – Aii: Lunar Moth Pet Pale Blue
Poses/Location – Comhar Photo Studio
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