Fantasy Avatar & Charity: For Dryads & Ember

While today is another fantasy avatar post, it’s actually doubling as a charity event awareness post. Read on for some super fun Dryad photos, information about the products used, and to learn how you can help a Second Life user in need.

Meet Elicio Ember

Elicio Ember has been playing Second Life since 2008. His location Cerridwen’s Cauldron has both beautifully scenic areas as well as a wonderful shopping selection. Last month tragedy struck his family causing him to put Second Life on hold, including pulling out of the Fantasy Faire. Below I have included excerpts from Elicio Ember’s Facebook. Please feel free to read his entire post and the update for more in depth information.

My father had a stroke yesterday…There is no clear prognosis yet but things are serious and some kind of neural damage is confirmed.

Public health security in Mexico is insufficient and often of very low quality. My father has no health protection whatsover. Its a russian rullete. People can be treated well and recover. People die waiting to be treated (or) die by malpractice. So we took him to a private hospital before risking a long wait.

I have 5 sisters, but not even between all of us we will be able to pay for the hospital charges without severly straining all our economies, not even considering all the expenses of rehab and care that will follow if…well. If he makes it. Which might be actually more terryifing than if he does not as its yet uncertain what the rehab possibilites are.

Elicio Ember

A female Second Life dryad avatar plays with horses.


Continue reading to learn how to help Elicio and make your own Dryad

Ember’s Cauldron

There are a few different ways to help Elicio and his family. One is by purchasing products from his in world store or his marketplace. If you want to help but don’t want to make any purchases you can donate to Elicio directly, to his GoFundMe, or through various donation Cauldrons in world. Cauldrons also have exclusive products from various designers.

Ember’s Cauldron is a charity event running through April 16 to help raise money for Elicio and his family. Each of the stores in the HUD can be clicked for an easy TP. Every one has a donation cauldron as well as an easy to find exclusive product that can be purchased with 100% of the proceeds going to Elicio to help his father. Many of these items will not be available for sale after the charity event ends, so make sure to check it out! Two items from Ember’s Cauldron are used in today’s Dryad avatars.

Become a Dryad

Dryads are tree spirits. You’ve likely seen them portrayed as humanoids, but many people interpret them in different ways. Today’s Dryad actually has a Centaur-esque appearance. The items used can all be used for other fantasy avatars, too!

A female Second Life dryad avatar looks over a river.
Pose – E. Ink: 004 peace

EVolved creatures

EVolved creatures creates avatar enhancement pieces such as mermaid tails, demon wings, and more. Their products help make your avatar look less like the average human. The NAture Dryad, made for Ember’s Cauldron, is no exception. The hooves and coloration both glow brilliantly, though you can adjust the intensity if it’s a bit too much for your taste.

It includes the Dryad body (along with a waist attachment so you blend right in) as well as two HUDS. One HUD allows you to select from four different colors (green, red, purple, and blue) and adjust the glow. The other has five poses for the body. You can use other poses and AOs with the Dryad body, however they will only control you torso. This unique avatar enhancement is only available during the event, so make sure to get it before it’s gone!

The Dryad can be copied but neither modified nor transferred. 


A female Second Life dryad avatar with red horns.
Horns – Soul: PernKern Herns (Ember Smoke)

Soul has a large selection of fantasy products including various skins, makeup, accessories, and avatar enhancement pieces. They’re a wonderful place to look into whether you’re wanting a fantasy creature or a human with a unique look. The PernKern Herns: Special Ember Edition were made exclusively for Ember’s Cauldron. They come with four sets: Smoke, Coal, Ash, and Steam.

They are copy/mod, so if you want to alter the color a little for your specific look you can! The horns shown here are unaltered, and the ones shown on the red Dryad in the credits were altered to match the body. These horns are only available during the event!

A female Second Life dryad avatar with fox ears.
Pose – E. Ink: 02 – normal

Aii The Ugly & Beautiful

Aii The Ugly & Beautiful is a well known and loved fantasy store with skins, avatar enhancements, accessories, clothing, and amazingly addicting gacha. These cute bento fox ears are the only item featured in this post that are not part of Ember’s Cauldron. They were just too perfect to not include! They’re actually FREE (no group needed) at the Aii The Ugly & Beautiful store in the Freebies section. They twitch realistically on their own with no HUD required. Their full name, “SAVE THE EARS! Fox Ears”, is a plea to designers and consumers alike to recognize the benefit of mesh heads that don’t use bento ear rigging. To learn more read the notecard that comes with these adorable free ears.

Pictures & Credits

Remember to click on images for a full view!

A female Second Life dryad avatar with red horns and hooves.
Pose – E. Ink: Headphones/Music
A female Second Life dryad avatar with red and black accents.
Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins: Wednesday (Fudge)
Hair – TRUTH: Irena
Horns – Soul: PernKern Herns (Ember Edition)
Pose – The Dark Diva: Standing 006
A female Second Life dryad avatar with green and brown accents plays with horses.
Pose – E. Ink: Umbrella/Balloons
A female Second Life dryad avatar with green and blue accents lays by the water.
Head – Catwa: Lona
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Shape – Regeneration: Katie
Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins: Flame (Apricot)
Hands – Slink: Dynamic Hands
Hair – TRUTH: Wind
Eyes – Catwa: Mesh Eyes
Dryad Body – EVolved creatures: NAture Dryad
Fox Ears – Aii: SAVE THE EARS! Fox Ears
Pose- E. Ink: Random
Background – Devin
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