Draconic Possibilities With BOM

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BOM – Not Just For Heads & Bodies

Three Second Life avatars with horns, scales, tails, and bright makeup wearing braids.
7DS Klaasje in Dust, Amina in Fudge, Magna in Sand

Bakes on Mesh has become very popular for heads and bodies. It lets you use system layers instead of appliers for skins, tattoos, etc. But did you know it’s not only for those parts? This post uses three products that use BOM in ways you may not expect: horns, tail, and draconian legs.

All three products are from Aii and use the BOM layers you’re already wearing. If you change your BOM skin the colors on these products change too, as seen in this image using classic layers from Deadly Skins. The horns come with various tattoo layers that can be used (and layered). The legs come with tattoo layers as well, however they can be used over the full body, not just the legs. The tail uses a HUD to apply and adjust tattoos. There are many possibilities available with each product.

One other neat part of this avatar I want to mention is the shiny scales. These are not BOM tattoos, but actually the materials layer. They look extra awesome when you’re in motion since they react to light. They’re shiny just like mermaid scales. You can adjust them using the materials portion of your HUD. These are from This Is Wrong, and they have so many different types in different styles.


A Second Life humanoid draconic avatar's scales shown off using materials. A Second Life humanoid draconic avatar's legs. There are green scales from the knees down. A Second Life humanoid draconic avatar's dragon tail. A Second Life humanoid draconic avatar with horns, green hair, scales, and makeup, and purple tattoos, eyes, and lipstick.

A Second Life humanoid draconic avatar stands in front of a purple background that says "No Tears For The Creatures Of The Night".
Head – CATWA: Lona
Body/Drips – Maitreya: Lara
Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins: Magna in Sand
Horns – Aii: Ibaraki BOM Horns
Legs/Feet/Green Scales – Aii: Draconis Legs & Tattoo
Tail – Aii: Daemonium Tail
Eyes – Izzie’s: Lua Eyes (purple)
Eye Shadow – Booty’s Beauty: Darkside Eye Makeup (6)
Lipstick – Booty’s Beauty: Darkside Lipstick (6)
Purple Scales – Sweet Thing: Siren Scales (Berry)
Shiny Scales – This Is Wrong: Scales Materials Shine
Hair – Stealthic & Vista: Verge in Ombre
Pose – Foxcity: Cutiepie 5m (Fatpack exclusive)
Background – Foxcity: Creatures Photobooth


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