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So you want a new body or a new head but there are so many options to choose from. Narrowing the options down to find the perfect one can feel overwhelming. While I can’t choose what you buy, I can at least try to help make the process easier, faster, and less stressful.

Why Now?

When I first started updating my avatar to mesh I wanted to know everything about everything. At that time there were only a few mesh heads and bodies to choose from, but it was still a chore to find the details for each one without bouncing all over the place. Comparing them took a fair amount of research time and effort. That’s what drove me to create Regeneration in the first place. I wanted to provide an easy stop for all things to do with avatar creation and customization.

At the time there was one blog that handled mesh bodies and heads specifically: Mesh Body Addicts. It was an amazing resource and helpful to me and many others. As that part of things was covered by MBA, I took the focus of Regeneration elsewhere and worked on things like the Mesh Crash Course and The Newbie Hub. Unfortunately MBA is no longer active. It has recently come to my attention that many people are looking for a resource like they previously offered. I’ve decided to do what I can to help in that regard.

What To Expect

This directory will be focused on mesh heads and bodies for the time being. They tend to be the base for most avatars, and I really want to help as many people as I can. Each product listed will have a post of its own with the basic information. Think things like a photo of the product, cost, designer, what it includes, pros/cons etc. While I eventually would LOVE to have all the mesh bodies and heads listed, that is a huge financial investment. I’d personally really enjoy purchasing every mesh body and head on the grid so I could give this info to you, but unfortunately that is not realistic. For now I’ll be listing everything I can, then I’ll look into listings for products I don’t own. I really want to help you and others sort through all the options to find what is best for your needs.

When Is It Coming?

I’m working on it right now! The posts will trickle in as I finish them. They’ll be added to The Mesh Directory page as they are finished. Please note that The Mesh Directory is a work in progress and as such it’s pretty empty over there for now. Once I have a few posts added I’ll make it easily accessible via a link in Regeneration’s navigation menu.

Image Credits


Head – Vista: Zoe
Hair – TRUTH: Horizon
Skin – DeeTaleZ: Mandy in Nordic
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Pose – Foxcity: Formal Vol1-2 (Big Gown)


Head – LeLutka: Nova
Hair – Magika: Lyric
Skin – Session: Niko in 00b
Body – Belleza: Freya
Pose – Foxcity: Formal Vol1-1 (Big Gown)


Head – CATWA: Lona
Hair – TRUTH: Kaija
Skin – WoW Skins: Jada in Sandy
Body – Belleza: Freya
Pose – Foxcity: Dolls-4 (Alternate Hand Pose)

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