Animesh: What It Is & How To Use It

Animesh has been live on the grid for a few months now. With Firestorm recently updating to support it more and more people are curious about how it works.

What Is It?

Animesh is SL’s way of letting objects use rigged mesh and animations just like our avatars can. This gives creators the ability to design objects that can move like avatars. A quick search of the Marketplace shows various animals, toys, and humanoids created with animesh support. Objects that look like avatars are becoming more and more common. These can be used to make sims feel more populated or even keep people company when their friends aren’t around.

Animesh and Avatars

So why am I telling you this when Regeneration is an avatar blog? Because it can impact our avatars as well! There is more freedom than ever before when it comes to animating objects. This includes objects we add to our avatars such as tails, ears, and naughty bits.

It doesn’t stop at body parts, though. Have you ever had a cute cuddly pet that you wanted to hold and snuggle? Now you can, and it can animate too!

Even though animesh came out late last year, it’s still fairly new. I’m sure we’ll start seeing even more animesh exploding into the market over the next few months.

How Do You Use It?

This part is easy. You just make sure your viewer supports animesh. The most recent updates for the default viewer and Firestorm are currently compatible. Simply update your viewer (if you haven’t already), log in, and use your animesh object! Some of them are meant to be worn and some are meant to be rezzed onto the ground. Make sure to check any notecards your objects come with so ensure you’re using them properly.


Head – Vista: Zoe
Body – Maitreya: Lara
Skin – Birth: Nova (Tone 01)
Hair – TRUTH: Kaijah in Multitone 2
Eye Shadow – Izzie’s: Smokey Eye Shadow
Lipstick – Cheap & Chic!: Glossy MissBig for Vista
Nail Polish – Regeneration: Nature Nail Art
Outfit – Pixicat: Hunter
Kitty – SEmotion Libellune: Kitty Cat Gacha
Background – FOXCITY: VIP Framed booth

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